Makeup – An Art to Learn

Makeup – An Art to Learn

Makeup is an art in which cosmetics are applied to the face to enhance and beautify. Makeup is also a need in certain jobs and professions mostly centered in the show business industry. It has become an everyday tool to make men and women more presentable. The wedding is the most beautiful day for both the bride and the bridegroom. The importance of bridal makeup on this day is extreme and it comes at par with the choice of the wedding dress.

We all do some common mistakes while applying makeup. These mistakes might not get noticed by people in general yet they might be critical and can cause harm to the skin. Read on to know what you should not do while applying makeup.

Common mistakes in applying makeup
It is advised to take the following precautions while applying makeup, especially on sensitive areas like eyes.

Use of wrong colours: Choosing wrong colours is a common mistake people often make. Be it anything; foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil colour, lip liner or lipstick, wrong choice of colours can make you look ridiculous. So it is better to take an expert’s advice on how to choose the colour carefully so that it does not make a contrast on your face.

Sleep with makeup: To sleep with makeup is a bad habit because the skin needs to breathe fresh air to remain healthy. It daily gets exposed to environmental debris and thus loses some of its own rich natural oils. If makeup coating is not regularly cleaned properly, the skin will obviously suffocate. So it is must to clean the face with a good cleanser before going to sleep or else the pores will suffer.

Use of deep contour shades: It is okay to use contours to enhance the shape of nose or cheekbone but not deep shades in regular routines. They only look good to shoot for a magazine session under the impact of proper lightning otherwise it looks awful in natural light. When using the contour shades, remember to blend them near invisibility so that it looks natural human outline.

Over application of mascara: Mascara is meant to be used for a subtle enhancement of the eyelashes. Eye-lashes are quite delicate features and overdoing mascara may make the eyes clumsy and wild-looking. Moreover, if it is not cleaned properly then it might cause harm to the eyelashes. So be careful while applying mascara. Proper shape of eyebrows is also important to give a good look to the eyes.

Use of improper makeup products: Markets are flooded with a huge variety of makeup products with different brands. Choose one which suits your skin type. Don’t just go what attracts you. What suits others might not be right for you, so research well and consult the experts to find the best products for you. Remember that the best makeup is that which always look fresh.

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