Lose Fat, Maintain Muscle

Lose Fat, Maintain Muscle

Many people who are trying to lose weight don’t want to add muscle, because they feel it is contrary to their main goal. After all, muscle adds weight to your body, doesn’t it? Also, if one has limited time to think about fitness, one might think that time is best spent doing cardiovascular exercise to burn fat. While that may be true, and while your fitness goal may be focused on fat loss without achieving a muscular look, it is sometimes advisable to build a little bit of muscle as a strategy towards losing fat.

The advantage of building muscle in an effort to lose fat is that the more muscle your body has, the faster your metabolism is, which means that your body will actually burn fat at a faster rate, even during times that you are not doing any exercise. So if you are looking for the optimal fat-burning body, spend a little time adding some muscle, and with a few tweaks in your diet for good measure, you will notice your metabolic rate increase almost immediately.

Here’s a few easy tips on how to add muscle without a whole lot of effort:

Step one: Eat right. Adding more high-protein and high fiber foods to your diet will help you keep muscle and also burn fat. If you are doing any activity that builds muscle, your body is going to need that much protein as it can get. I also recommend protein supplements such as flaxseed, which can be taken very easily with your morning vitamins and give you a nice boost. Another favorite of mine is almonds and other nuts, which can be even throughout the day (another metabolism-boosting practice), and have extraordinary health benefits. In addition to being packed with protein, B-vitamins, and antioxidants.

Step two: Do Some Weights. You didn’t think that building muscle wouldn’t involve exercise, did you? But again, we are focused on losing fat as the primary goal, so it is understood that weightlifting is probably not a regular part of your routine. However, if you can, try to do some weights at least three times per week, with the key being that you should do a large amount of weight with a small amount of reps. Not only will this keep your workouts short, but is it will also be the best strategy for building solid muscle quickly.

Step three: Get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water. Technically these are two different tips, but they go together for me, because they are really lifestyle choices. Drinking water is easy and free, and it’s something you should get in the habit of doing constantly every day, all day. Keeping properly hydrated can actually help your body burn fat more efficiently and will give you what you need to sustain energy in your workouts. Getting plenty of rest is obviously important, but is especially important if you are trying to maintain muscle, because muscle needs additional rest in order to rebuild and grow.

With these healthy tips, you can lose fat, maintain muscle, and optimize your efforts towards a healthy and great-looking body.

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