Top Favorite Lingerie Brands

Top Favorite Lingerie Brands

If sexy lingerie is important part of your lifestyle then you need to know where to get the best quality lingerie. If you are a woman who adores lingerie and believes that it can make you feel sexy by making the right purchase, then you have to know your top favorite lingerie brands.

Every brand offers something different to women. Because of that you need to know what you want and which styles suit you best. There are different lingerie brands that can offer you everything you’re looking for. But not every single one of them will fulfill all your expectations. Buying lingerie on a whim is one of the worst mistakes you can make. You have to consider what style of lingerie suits you better. Here are some favorite lingerie brands to help you with your shopping dilemmas.

1. Victoria’s Secret:

Victoria’s Secret is probably one of the better known lingerie brands. There prices are very affordable compared with other high end lingerie brands. They have an amazing variety of lingerie styles. Either in their stores or online you can find push-up bras, bridal lingerie, everyday lingerie, housecoats, corsets and dozens more items. They have plenty of stores. It’s really easy to browse through their collection. Some people don’t like their quality, but they do have really sexy lingerie pieces. You can also find very affordable pieces on their clearance section. They have a huge collection, they always have the greatest lingerie models and really affordable pieces.

2. Fredericks Of Hollywood:

This is another brand which is really affordable and yet has a very sexy selection of lingerie. You might not be able to say that all of their lingerie pieces are unique but they definitely have been inspired by some of the higher end lingerie brands. They have lingerie pieces for almost every occasion, and their quality is really great for their price range. You really can find bold choices, if you’re going for something different and attractive. They usually have sale specials, so you can save up some money while looking sexy.

3. Andres Sarda:

Andres Sarda is a really high-end lingerie designer. Her taste of lingerie is really unique and is also very attractive. You can always find up to date trendy pieces in the collection. This is the kind of underwear you want to use as outerwear. It really makes it hard to resist. If you can afford higher-end brands, this one is perfect to consider.

4. ASOS:

Actually ASOS is not only a lingerie brand. They also stock items such as clothing and shoes.You may recognize this as an online store that sells clothing, beauty related items, shoes and lingerie. They have high end brands and their own branded line. If you want to look great this will not cost you a fortune but you will still look very sexy. You can find really great lingerie pieces on sale on ASOS, and you won’t believe the price and the quality. This is one of the online stores that you can find both high-end and affordable lingerie. I’m sure you’ll love their own lingerie line.

5. Agent Provocateur:

This is a case of saving the best till last. Agent Provocateur is the ultimate seductive lingerie brand ever. Even though it’s a high-end lingerie brand, it’s definitely worth the money if you can afford it. The quality and the uniqueness is indescribable. Every single collection piece is incredible. The style and the selection is perfect. Their collections are extremely sophisticated and elegant.They also stock nightwear, clothing and perfumery in their collection. No need to say anymore, Agent Provocateur has the most sexy lingerie pieces you can ever see.

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