The Perfect Slide Show

The Perfect Slide Show

If digital photography can be thanked for one development, it must surely be the rehabilitation of slide shows. If you have ever been cornered by a friend just returned from holiday who demanded that you come and see their slides, you have known what it is to die just a little inside. However, online slide shows are a lot less about looking at three versions of the same photograph of the Acropolis, and more about slick presentation.

Anyone can make a slide show now, with the innovation of digital slide shows. The process is a whole lot more dynamic and the photographs are displayed in a far more eye-catching way (although anything is more eye-catching than a series of out-of-focus shots beamed onto a wall). The option to add music also makes the process more enjoyable to create and to watch.

The ease with which photographs can be stored and rearranged online means that there is a far more persuasive sense of sequence to an online slide show than the old fashioned way. People can see the photographs more clearly, watch at their own speed, and click back to see a photograph that made them smile.

Of course, more slide shows means “more bad slide shows” too. But with the more modern way of doing things, you don’t have to sit around waiting for a bad one to end. This development is certainly a positive one for anyone who has endured a slide show from hell once too often.

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