Why Photography Can Be Just The Job

Why Photography Can Be Just The Job

As children, we are often captivated by seeing a photograph – the thrill of seeing your likeness documented in this way is as close as most of us get to being on TV in our early days. As we get older, we are usually more reluctant to be photographed, and the magic drops out of the medium for us. However, being on the other side of the camera can be something of a buzz.

If you find that you are a talented photographer, then you can start to look at it as a career. Good photographers are often in demand. When you think about it, every newspaper needs one, as will many companies – realtors will always need someone to take photographs of the houses they are selling and there are very few companies that do not have a website.

Some of the best money available can be made as a wedding photographer. This is not an easy job by any stretch of the imagination – a bride, groom and two families are counting on you to get it right, and the best bet initially may be to photograph a family wedding for no fee, and use the best shots from that in your portfolio.

Good wedding photographers can make a lot of money, as families set aside a large budget for a wedding. For a short day’s work, this can be a figure in the high three figures or into the four figures, and you have the opportunity to spread the word – if the family like the photographs, then you may well be recommended and called for other weddings too.

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