How To Stay Motivated On A Diet

How To Stay Motivated On A Diet

Knowing how to stay motivated on a diet can seem like an impossible task with all of the temptations available. Around every corner it seems that an unhealthy option is waiting to lure you in and throw you off course. With the right tools, however, these food distractions can be just passing blips on your path to healthier eating.

The following are some tips that can help you to stay on track and stay motivated on your diet:

1: Treat Yourself

A diet can seem to be a menu of just deprivation. You miss the foods that were a part of your everyday menu prior to beginning a healthier lifestyle. When you look at any diet in this way, the brain and body can begin to crave the foods that you had been routinely consuming. Rather than depriving yourself completely, include a healthier version of a treat for yourself once a week.

This should not translate into a binging spree, but you need to satisfy cravings in “safer” ways. Indulging in craved foods that you have been addicted to eating is a riskier idea – total abstinence is really the best way to cut back on the cravings. You also can choose a “treat” that is not a food at all – but rather, some indulgence that makes you feel happy in some way.

It might be a spa treatment or a massage or tickets to a special concert or theater show. Whatever you choose, treating yourself and sidestepping the feeling of total deprivation is important to motivate you and stay on track with your nutrition goals.

2: Find A Partner

Dieting, like many things, is a difficult task when you try to go it alone. Feeling lonely or as if you are doing it all yourself by yourself can be frustrating. You can more easily slide back into old habits when you are feeling accountable only to yourself.

To stay motivated on your diet, finding a friend or dieting buddy can be a great tool. Your diet buddy will know what you are going through, be able to empathize, and also help you to stay motivated when you want to give in to your cravings. You both need to agree on regular check-in times for accountability.

You also need to be ready to admit when you slip up. If you rely on a partner as recovering alcoholics do in Alcoholics Anonymous, set up an agreement to contact the other person whenever you are afraid that you might slip. Call them before you fall off the diet wagon.

3: Set Goals

Another way that you can stay motivated is by setting small and attainable goals. You can lose many pounds, but the healthy way is to change your lifestyle, not to aim for dropping 10 pounds in 10 days. These smaller goals can be much simpler, like not eating a candy bar for a week or including more green vegetables in your diet.

When you achieve and meet this goal, reward yourself with a small prize. It is important to note that these rewards should be unrelated to food in any way. As we discussed above, you could treat yourself to a new pair of shoes, a night out with friends, some time out of your busy schedule for a relaxing bubble bath or anything else that truly seems like a special reward.

4: Stay Positive

The final way that you can stay motivated on your diet is to remain positive. A positive outlook is crucial to meeting any goal, including those involving your diet. Recognize that you are human and you will make mistakes but this does not mean giving up on yourself or your meal plan altogether. Using daily affirmations to reinforce your upbeat attitude is a helpful way to stay on track. You can find affirmations online, in books, or in audio recordings. By staying positive and knowing how to stay motivated on a diet, you can make this diet plan successful.

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