Top 6 Ways To Stay Motivated in Your Workouts

Top 6 Ways To Stay Motivated in Your Workouts

I can tell you from experience that staying motivated to do any
exercise or fitness routine daily is very hard. You can get bored
with it and say that skipping a day or 2 is nothing,you maybe
don’t want to get up early that day,etc. Well, skipping is a bad
thing and it will be twice as hard to do it the next day. This
isn’t to be misconstrued as a cheat day, those are different. So
here are some tips that should help you stay motivated to get
that fit body you desire and keep it.

1. You know your exercise routine makes you feel good:

That is what you need to remember. How proud you are of yourself
that you did another day or week or whatever. How you feel better
and more alive and healthy for doing it. keep this in the front
of your mind because it is great motivation to continue.

2. You can take an r&r if necessary:

There are times you will need a day or 2 of rest and to get away from
the schedule. You might be sore or hurting a bit or just bored or
feel ill. Schedule the R&R. Make it part of your plan and then
schedule the day you go back to the routine refreshed from your
break. Then stick to the schedule. you can still eat healthy
while on this break. It hopefully will invigorate you.

3. Workout with a friend or 2 sometimes:

Getting your workout in at the gym by yourself all the time can
get tedious, I admit. Maybe you have a friend that would like to
join you. It is great to have a workout partner and someone to
talk to on breaks. maybe have a little friendly competition or a
friendly wager on number of reps or weight or something. this
will help keep it fresh for you and looking forward to working

4. Vary your workout routines:

You shouldn’t do the same workouts the same days of the week day
after day. For example: arms and shoulders on Monday, legs and
lower body on Tuesday, etc. This would bore even the dullest
person. Set up routines weeks in advance that changes routines
from one day to the next. There are always exercise routines you like
better than others so having them on different days keeps it

5. An Exercise journal is great also:

I mentioned in another article about the importance of keeping a
journal of your workouts and progress at least weekly. This a
great motivation tool if you see that maybe you lost 3 pounds
this week, can I do better next week? Or maybe my waist is
looking more like a 6 pack this week than last. The girls will
love it! I will do better this week. Whatever trips your trigger
and excites you about your gains will motivate you to continue.

6. Maybe a team sport occasionally:

Maybe instead of lifting and cardio, etc. by yourself, you can
organize some buddies for a mens basketball night, or tennis
night or even touch football. Whatever team sport will give you a
good workout and you enjoy. I enjoy racquetball for one and table
tennis for another. You say table tennis? What kind of workout is
that? you haven’t played with some of the guys I have. it is a
workout. we get 8 guys and just keep playing round robin where
the winner plays until he loses. Great fun and a great workout.

There are 6 ways to keep yourself motivated. There are many ways
to do it, but the point is, find some that work for you. You can
miss a day or 2 here and there but don’t just quit.You will be
happy you stayed the course.

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