Malware (malicious software) is a computer program, designed to create troubles in your system. It is present primarily as a hidden file or disguised as a harmless application. It takes advantage of loopholes or vulnerability of any hardware, software or OS (operating system). Ransomware is also a kind of malware that locks the infected system until the victim pays a ransom to unlock it.

How to Hacked WordPress Site ?

There are several types of malware, used for diverse purposes. Malware is also used in hacking WordPress to extract sensitive data, manipulate it or simply sell it for money.

Hacked WordPress website is dangerous to use because that website may be part of infected websites. It can leak your data, steal your banking information. But the most dangerous part is that your screen will connect to the hacked system without your knowledge.

When your WordPress website is hacked, and you don’t know how to clean it. You’ll end up asking forums or searching on Google for places that can help you. In a panic, you will be ready to give any amount to clean but with WordPress Brain it’s not necessary. In WordPress Brain, the team understands your situation and will help you by providing one of the most affordable hacked WordPress site malware clean-up services.

Hacked WordPress Site depends upon the level. Some WordPress site hacks can be very simple to crack, some take hours. Most of our clean-ups are resolved on the same day. At WordPress Brain, we offer affordable malware removal services for hacked WordPress users.  We’ve cleaned up websites hosted on dozens of web hosts, especially for the other malware clean-up hosts. We’ve found clients that have been suspended because their host found malware. All of these hosts will provide a file with a list of where the malware is located. Our agents usually clean those files, in order to satisfy the web host’s requirement to un-suspend the account.

However, our job is never done when we get the web host to un-suspend the client’s account. It always performs another scan, because, from repeated experience, we’ve found other malware left behind, that the web host missed.

We’ve found that not all scanners will find code websites hacked for phishing or altering search appearance. Some code looks harmless but this site may be hacked and could be sending thousands of spam emails out. WordPress Brain often have to use our own skills which shows we know WordPress well enough to spot whether something doesn’t belong. While all of our clean-ups, we usually suggest improving the site’s security. Guide clients to do a handful of simple tasks to help guarantee the clean-up stays that way.

Hopefully, this breakdown of all the different malware clean up service prices out there shows that WordPress Brain gives more thrill for the buck.